What’s your gym petpeeve?


Well, I have been working out at the gym in the past year mainly for welleness and good health lifestyles purposes, but I have quite a number of petpeeve.

What’s yours? Share your petpeeve at the gym.

Here are mine:

1) If you are sweaty, either wear long sleeves, or bring a few shirt to change or bring a towel to wipe your sweaty face. Don’t let sweat keep on dripping.

2) Use swipes, it’s located everywhere for you to use. I hate those people who simply walked away.

3) Bring spray or axe or tag or whatever to make you smell presentable.

4) I hate it when I am using my locker and suddenly, all these smelly guys are using their lockers as well. When you are done, you look around, other sections of lockers are empty. I just wish at that moment, no one is cramp together using the locker space.

5) I hate guys checking out guys after they come out of a shower. Dude, you have your own downstairs to admire, why do you like to stares others?

7) When you are using the sauna facility, don’t wear shoes, socks or other clothing in there, it’s stinks!

These are petpeeves at the gym, what’s yours? Remember to share!


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