Breathe Right Canada Podbed Hotel – My 20-minute Nap!


PodBed Hotel and Breathe Right Canada decided to collaborate for this special marketing campaign.

Podbed is basically a tube-looking module where there is a bed and pillow just enough for people to lie down and sleep in it.

Breathe Right, as always, are materials and tool that will help people breathe better and thus, sleep better.

They are launching a marketing campaign to allow the every busy bay street workers the chance to take a 20 minute nap. Their findings show that if a person takes a power nap of 20 minutes, they will increase their productivity.

So….either way, I just wanted to give it a try and go for the experience.

Before I went inside the podbed, I got my colleague and friends attention. They and myself wanted to know the following questions:

1) What are the sanitary measures? Do they clean the pod? Do they replace the used pillow case, etc. for the next user?

2) “I am phobia of tight space”, how tight a space is this pod?

3) Is it sound proof?

4) Any ventilation?

5) Does sleeping 20 minute increase your productivity?

In fact, I did interview and ask questions of the Breathe Right staff on-site. Stay tuned to find out my MoVernie experience and the answers to those questions!

If you want to book for a 20 minute nap, you can sign up by clicking here, it is available until October 25.

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  1. I loved it!
    1 – I am a sci fi nerd so I geeked out at the word pod…
    2 – I think naps should manditory for adults as well S kindergarteners
    Glad you enjoyed and are spreading ghe word! Great blog. 🙂

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