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July 21, 2009.

Ms. Bok Choy Bokchoy

(Ms. Bok Choy is a blogger who lives in London, United Kingdom.  She is on vacation in Toronto for a few weeks.  Catch her blogs often here.  Any suggestions are welcome.)

Who would have guessed that you can meet someone that creeps up your nerves on such bright daylight at Starbucks!!  But let me tell you, YES YOU CAN!!! 

On a bright sunny day and not having to work, it was my daily routine these days to go to main street and enjoy a cup of Starbucks coffee. I found a good spot, sat there, sipped the coffee and turned on my laptop and chatting away on MSN (I’ve got no internet at home as I am only on holiday in Toronto).  After sipping the latte and some 30 minutes of chatting, I closed my notebook and getting ready to leave.  And there he was, staring at me, underneath his pair of tinted blue sunglasses.  His age was about 40, in a yellow t-shirt. 

And he said:

“Do you have internet?  I was thinking if you could check the stocks for me.” (I think that’s the worse pick up line EVER!)

And I just said sorry I closed my notebook, good luck! And stepped away.

2 days later, I was there with my laptop making some graphics.  And he was there again!  This time, he invited himself to sit with me without asking, and said:

"I apologized for asking you for the stock price the other day, but you have such a nice smile I couldn’t stop looking" (oh god, what the hell is he thinking?)

My body temperature dropped about 5 degrees celsius with a shiver going up my spine.  I immediately shut him off by saying

"Yes I was smiling because I was chatting with my boyfriend in London" 

Unbelievably, he didn’t leave and continued to try and chatted me up by asking questions about my work and my relationship, and then said

"Oh I see there’s a British accent there with you, how nice?" 

I cannot believe he said that when I was so obvious with my intentions to tell him to back off.   He had such thick skin that even the boyfriend didn’t make him back off!! I literally have to tell him,

"Excuse me but I really have a deadline so if you would please excuse me…"

I found out he’s a regular, probably jobless and just hanging out there trying to hit on single women at Starbucks.  For a few days, I’ve been avoidiing myself from going to Starbucks.  Instead, i use the internet at the library or even have to change brands of coffee – to Timothy’s, located a stores down from Starbucks.

By the 4th day I talk to myself, how can I let this creepy guy impact on my lifestyle and preferences?  So I braved up and headed back to Starbucks and there he was, sitting there and chatting with other people again!!!!!! 

My dear ladies, if you are like me who enjoys a cup of coffee at Starbucks and don’t like to be bothered, the most effective way to get rid of these creepy guys is by doing the following moves.

If the cheap guy started with some poor pickup lines, you will…….

1)  In a cold straight face tell them you are busy with something and needed to be excused, so he knows how to back off


2)  Rather than completely ignore him or accidently engaged in a conversation, do respond and politely say hi but always find ways to MAKE him go away rather you excusing yourself from the table.


3) Remain aloof – so not engaged in any kind of emotion, even if you are annoyed don’t show it.  I was pretty sure I scared him away with my straight face that says "What do you want!"

If you have any other suggestions, feel free to drop us a few lines and share among with our other ladies who may find it helpful if they ever encounter similar situations.

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