Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash – NEW



What a great way to start off the weekend with the arrival of the brand new Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash via express courier, courtesy from Dove Canada. With this dry cold winter, it’s important for me to look fresh and maintain smooth skin. I haven’t have a chance to try it yet but I will sure give it a good test, review it and share the information with my peeps! You know how much I love to share great information with you guys!

By looking at the body wash bottle, it says that Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash contains 10x more moisturizers than the next leading brand, which will leave you with smoother, softer skin after just one shower. That sounds good to me. I did do a preliminary sniff test and it smells good and the fragrance isn’t overpowering, which is KEY to me. Just for your record, I think men should maintain good personal and body care. Men should maintain good skin as well. It’s not just for women anymore, we, as men, needs to be taken care of as well ūüôā

Stay tuned for my in-depth review on this Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash at a later time! Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, click here to check out the Dove Canada website with more details about this product! Thank you to Dove Canada for the samples & the lovely packaging! ūüôā

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