Hot and Sour Soup by Chef Daddy – Homemade #StayHome



Hot & Sour Soup – Chef Daddy

In my family, my dad is the one that loves to cook the most. He just have the passion to improve his culinary skills. What I admire him the most is his precision and his willingness to improve and master various dishes. He will use the timer and ensure food aren’t overcooked. I would like to call my dad “Chef Daddy”.

The kitchen is like my dad’s work station and he enjoys spending the most time in the kitchen, cooking up all the food dishes for us to indulge. Since he has retired a few years ago, he has even more time to cook up a storm at home.

In this MoVernie BLOG, Chef Daddy is making hot & sour soup. Hot & sour soup is a traditional Chinese soup. Chef Daddy told me that balancing the sour & spicy is the hardest part in this soup. Coz you don’t want the soup to be super spicy nor do you want the soup to be super sour. It has to be well-balanced!

Here are the ingredients for the hot & sour soup:

– chilli bean sauce
– black fungus (aka wood ear fungus)
– sea cucumber
– tofu (preferably firmer tofu and super soft one coz you don’t want the tofu to disintegrate)
– fungi (winter fungi)
– vinegar
– bamboo shoots

Curious QUESTION: Have you ever have hot & sour soup before? If yes, do you like it?


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