I saw my face on the Subway TV Commercial


Do you have those moments where you see yourself on TV but you totally didn’t know about it before hand? Well, yesterday, as I was watching my beloved Raptors team playing against the New Orleans Hornets on tv, during the commercial breaks, I saw the Subway TV commercial has my face on it. They were doing a limited time promotion. If you buy a 12” Sub combo from now til Feb 12 (which is tomorrow), you can get a FREE pair of Raptors tickets vs the Denver Nuggets tomorrow night.

It’s said first 60 people (see photo), not sure if it is first 60 per store or first 60 for the entire Subway promotion. Anyways, the Raptors Tickets, it has my face on it. lol. It’s the same graphic image that the Raptors had already printed on to 3000+ season ticket stubs for the April 13 game vs the Boston Celtics. So, if you go to the April 13 game, you will see my face throughout. LOL.

I guess they saw my MoVernie brand value but too bad, I got nothing b/c I signed my life away 2 years ago when they gave me free tickets to attend every game in return for any photos or video images that are under MLSE property. Nevertheless, it’s still nice to see my face on TV.

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