Join the Red Mittens Movement: Bring out your Olympics Spirit!




The 2010 Vancouver Olympics is just around the corner. I will be flying there in person to witness the amazing once-in-a-life-time experience. The MoVernie Entourage will be there in person, reporting live of all the events and the happenings at the Olympics.

Olympics Group with Ori & Trudy

Join the movement. Have you seen those red mittens available at The Bay? $10/pair, part of the proceeds will be used to provide funding for Canadian athletes’ training facilities and to compete in future sporting events.

To join this movement, simply buy a pair of the red mittens, pose yourself with the mittens and take a photo, then upload the photo to this link shown below.

Before the opening ceremony, I hope we have over 2010+ photos of people to show our athletes our support to them.

Go Canada Go!

Bring home the medals!

Bring on the Olympics spirits!

Are you ready?



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