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You know, I have a lot of great friends who always suggest me to use Flickr. They said it’s a great site for people to showcase their professional photography and it’s just another great social media community to get to see all the beautiful pictures online.

I often hesitate as I ain’t any professional photographer of any sort, nor am I have the time to maintain so many social media sites. But for some reason, this week, I decided to watch Flickr demo video on its site and I have decided to open an account.

Flickr is so cool! It allows you to share some of the great moments of your life to the social media world. You can also make new friends and also join new groups that share your common interests. For example, I uploaded photos that was taken at the SmashFest with NHL players. So, I added those photos to the respective groups. For example, I added Leafs Phil Kessel in the Toronto Maple Leafs group. I felt a sense of togetherness & a sense of contributing to the communities with photos that we can all appreciate.

Click here to my Flickr world & follow me there. Trust me, it’s an eye-opener!

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Welcome to my Flickr page. Follow me on Flickr!

Welcome to my Flickr page. Follow me on Flickr!


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