My Life From Working & Living & Staying At Home


During the state of emergency here in Toronto, people are being asked to stay home, to reduce the spread of this deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19). I was given a new laptop a few weeks ago from my company so that I can work from home. Working from home is a norm these days for many employees who works for corporations and businesses as it’s the best method to promote “Social Distancing” while being able to perform and still be productive to perform work duties.

I am a people person, as I usually prefer to interact with people, see people. So, it is a bit of a challenge for me to stay away from people and staying at home. But hey, for me, it’s all about being adaptable and being versatile. If this is the best way to reduce the spread of this virus, I will do whatever it takes to stay home and do my part.

I think the biggest challenge for me from working at home is….to make sure I move around my condo unit so that I am not sitting in front of the laptop for a long time. I need to move my muscles to stay fresh. I also need to learn to know when I should take mini breaks and when my working hours are completed for the day, I need to learn not constantly thinking about work or trying to check emails and perform tasks outside of my working hours. I need to ask myself if the requests from my colleagues can wait for the next day or if it’s time sensitive. I think the biggest transition for me is the ability to learn and make adjustments to my personal and work life by staying at home. So far so good, I think I am able to know when to relax, when to watch a movie or have dinner when I can have personal time.

I think the following are the pluses and minuses of working from home:


  • There is no travel time, I don’t need to take a street car or subway, there are no delays when working from home. All I need to do is wake up, roll out of bed, go brush my teeth and wash my face in the bathroom and then login into my laptop and ready to work.
  • I save $$$$ by not needing to take public transit or drive and park to work. I also save $$$$ by not having to buy expensive breakfast and lunches.
  • Relatively, I am eating more healthy food from home coz most of the produce that I purchased are fresh, organic food, more veggies, less oily food than take out and from eating out


  • It’s harder to tell what day of the week as I am staying at home almost 24/7.
  • Need to make adjustment on balancing my work and personal lives while at home. When is working mode? When is personal mode?
  • You can’t dress nice. Well…technically you still can, but what’s the point when you are not going into the office to meet people
  • I miss the voices and faces of people. The best we can do is host meetings via teleconference or video chats
  • The main form of communication is via email, it’s not the same when I can call or walk into someone’s office and discuss projects with them

Basically, this is my life working, living and staying at home. What about your life? I would think there is also slightly differences in people who lives in a house, as they have their own driveways, backyards and more spaces to roam around in a house than at a condo.

What about you? How do you adjust your work life and personal life while working from your home? Tell me. I luv to hear from you!


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