PS4 or iPad mini?



Well, this is the dilemma, I am teaming up with a company that will be collaborating to run a contest giveaway next week that runs from next week until mid-December. The contestant just need to go to the website, fill in a simple form online and they will be automatically entered into the contest for a chance to win a big prize that values between $400 to $500.

So, I have been asking my Twitter followers, my Facebook Group followers, Instagram followers, friends and families what big prize they would find it attractive for this Christmas/Holiday if they got chosen as the winner for a contest?

First of all, they were all excited and were very responsive coming with various ideas. Some would like to donate all the money to charity, some would want restaurant coupons or some would like a catering service that will serve the family with a big nice dinner. Those were great ideas but it came to my attention that two items that stood out and kept showing up on the “comment” section. Many of my follower would like to win an ipad mini or a Sony Playstation 4 (PS4) that was just recently released.

I also found that the younger crowd, mainly ages below 30 years of age preferred the PS4 mainly for their gaming purposes. And people ages over 30 years of age preferred ipad Mini for other online purposes.

I had narrowed down the big grand prize to be either the iPad Mini or PS4 and had informed the company to decide which gadget they would prefer to purchase to run this upcoming contest.

Now, what are your thoughts? If you enter a contest and you turn out to be the winner, what item values between $400-$500 you would like to receive for your Christmas/Holiday prize?

If you have to choose between an iPad mini or PS4, which item would you choose as your winning prize?

Let me know! Your input will seriously affect the final purchase decision for this contest that we are running next week! If you would like to know more details about the contest we are running next week, be sure to follow my blog here or follow me on Twitter @MoVernie or on Facebook @MoVernie or Instagram @RealMoVernie. So that you are informed to enter the contest and try your luck on landing the big grand prize!

ipadmini VS   ps4

Let me know your thoughts!

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