Riots Broke Out: Nutella Promotion in Super Markets – France


How much do you like Nutella? Would you fight over them if they are on a major discount? This was apparently what happened when a super market chain in France decided to sell the hazelnut-and-cocoa spread Nutella at a steep discount, according to local media.

This led to hundreds of peeps lining up outside the super market chains across France and when the doors opened? All hell let loose and frenzy happened with peeps pulling people’s hair, throwing punches, pushing and shoving.

In this video, courtesy from @KennyLebon who captured one of the chaotic scene, you could see the situation.

MoVernie FUN FACT: Did you know that Nutella is originated from Italy? Now you know. Check this link for more INFO.

MoVernie QUESTION: If this is you, would you have done it? Would you get into the fight for some highly discounted Nutella? Tell me your thoughts in the comment below.


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