Scotia iTRADE – What is Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)?


Scotia iTrade - Sustainable Investing

Recently, I was invited by the Scotia iTRADE Team to attend a “Speaker Series Event“, it’s an event that was exclusive to Scotia iTRADE customers to learn more about Canada’s first sustainable investing tools that helps investors to combine their financial investments with positive societal impact.

Speakers who were experts in this area of “Sustainable Investing” were on hand to introduce such helpful tools and concepts to the investors at the new Scotia Plaza Conference Centre.

From Scotia iTRADE website, it states that “With Scotia iTRADE, you will now understand which companies are performing sustainably well and which companies may have sustainability concerns. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors have the potential to impact stocks both positively and negatively. You’re now empowered to find investment opportunities with the companies most closely aligned to your own values and avoid those involved with practices you disagree with.

To learn more about Sustainable Investing and Environmental, social, and governance (ESG), you can watch this video prepared by Scotia iTRADE:

You can also watch the video below on “How to use Scotia iTRADE’s sustainable investing tool”.

In the webpage, a pop up window prompts me to see “Where do you stand on sustainability?“. I am interested to know where my position stands in my views and my beliefs towards to ESG factors. You can also do the questionnaire and see where you stand by clicking here.

Scotia iTrade - Sustainable InvestingFor more information about Scotia iTRADE Sustainable Investing, click here.

NOTE: The information provided above is for your research and information only. It is not intended to provide legal or financial advice as individual situations will differ.

My sustainability profile! What’s yours?

Scotia iTrade - Sustainable Investing


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