Spotted – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Wax Figures Touring Around Toronto


Today, as I was on my way to grab some lunch, I bumped into these 2 iconic figures, Harry and Meghan. Not the real person but the wax figures of them. Does the figures look like them? That depends as everyone has a different opinion on this.

To me, they somewhat look like them, but still lack some details and complexion but the clothes on them helped enhance the perceptions that it’s them. I do, however, think the wedding ring on Meghan’s finger looks real and them holding hands was a cool pose.

I did have to stop and make a 2nd take to think it’s them both. Anyhow, I googled more and realized someone who created these figures are touring them at different iconic spots in Toronto to promote a new Instagram account called @RoyalsTakeThe6, it’s actually quite a clever initiative by the brain trust behind all of this.

I spotted both of them inside the Bay & Adelaide Centre. There is actually some significance to this as I recalled numerous times, Meghan and her Suits TV show crew were filmed at this same exact location, so it’s cool to see her wax figure hanging around at this same spot.

I wonder what’s next for these 2 wax figures and the objectives for this IG account. I guess we all have to wait to find out what’s next for these 2 iconic figures.

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