Turkey Feast – Daddy’s Kitchen


My father is a great chef. He loves to cook. Our house kitchen is like his head quarters, always have the passion to try new ingredients and make great dish for our family to try. I honestly can cook but opt not to because it’s too much work and preparation. Not my dad, he loves grocery shopping, he loves spending time in the kitchen, preparing and cooking dinner for us. I have always like to label our house kitchen as “Daddy’s Kitchen”.

Every Christmas, our Chang’s Annual Traditional Dinner is always prepared by my dad. He basically cook the entire Christmas dinner on his own. Having a turkey dinner every Christmas has became our family tradition. This year, my dad bought a 16.5 lb bird and prepared a turkey feast. My dad is a precise person, he will time how long the turkey has to be in the oven based on the weight of the bird. But for me, I don’t really do that, I just shove it in the oven and based on my scanners (now you know why I don’t cook).


Instead of using the traditional stuffing, my dad re-invented and put a twist to it. He put in Chinese sticky rice with Chinese sausage instead. First, he cut the Chinese sausages in slices, along with green onions and parsley, then use a rice cooker to semi-steam cook the sticky rice, then he gingerly insert the stuffing into the turkey. Then, he tied the turkey gate with ropes and then put it in the oven. Every hour, he will twist and turn the turkey to give a balance heat to the meat but also to collect the turkey juice to make turkey gravy.

Then, he prepared baked potatoes as well as freshly made mashed potatoes. Along with steam mini carrot sticks, bean sprouts. To complement the turkey, he also made roast beef. This year, he decided to buy an organic fresh turkey and the outcome? Juicy, extra tender turkey breast, etc. It was super delicious.

I contributed by purchasing a 80 pieces sushi and sashimi platter from a nearby Japanese Restaurant.

All-in-all, an amazing family and friends gathering with great food, great wine and lots of laughter.

Thanks for cooking a nice turkey feast dad! I love you! I am grateful to have an awesome dad who can cook but also loves to cook!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!







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