What It’s Like in Toronto, Canada During This Coronavirus Crisis Right Now


(Photo Credit: CBC.ca)

To be honest, this Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis is unprecedented, entering in the uncharted territories for many people from around the world. There is nothing like this in the past that could tell us how we should prepare for this deadly virus. Our daily lives have changed due to this and all we can do, in my opinion, is to be able to adapt, go with the flow and be able to respond when things changed quickly.

Here are the main items that has changed so far in Toronto, Canada (as of March 25, 2020):

  • Our Premier, Doug Ford has declared the province of Ontario as a “State of Emergency
  • He has also listed out only essential services that are allowed to be opened while the rest of non-essentials are not allowed to be opened. This is to prevent the widespread of the COVID-19. The objectives are to reduce people from going outside and to stop this virus from spreading
  • People are asked to be in self-isolation, no crowding, no gathering, no events, encouraging people to perform “Social Distancing” and “Flattening the Curve”
  • Only essential services such as grocery stores, LCBO (government owned alcohol stores); cannabis stores, gas stations, hospitals, pharmacies, banks and etc. are allowed to be opened
  • Restaurants and Bars are closed for dine-in, however, most restos can offer take-out, drive thru or delivery
  • Schools are closed

Overall, the number of COVID-19 cases are continuing to climb in Toronto, Canada and there are a few cases of deaths already due to this virus. But overall, I think the Ontarians are doing their parts to stay inside unless they need to restock their food and supplies. I think most people are feeling ok and not overly fear or concern, but we do know it’s important we do our part as a community to stay away from each other and not increase the spread of this virus. This is a serious matter.

From what I saw on TV, grocery stores are starting to only limit a certain number of customers to enter into the store each time for social distancing. When peeps entered the store, they will be given hand sanitizer and wipes. At the check out, each person will stand at least 6 feet out, when the customer paid his/her bill, they moved out of the store before the next customer goes to the check out. I was also told some grocery stores started to put a glass pane to protect its employees from the customers at the check out.

That’s the life we are living in right now. Everyday, we keep hearing words like “COVID-19”, “Coronavirus”, “Social Distancing”, “Flatten the Curve” or “In abundance of cautions…”.

Everyday, I am encouraging my followers to Stay Safe! Stay positive! Stay strong! Stay active! But do our part to stay at home!

Let me know how it is from the country that you are living in. Does your country or your city have similar preventive measures that the list of items that I described from this MoVernie BLOG? Tell me, I am interested to learn more. Please take care!


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