Axe Throwing @ Long Point Eco Adventures – St. Williams, Ontario, Canada [ONTARIO TRAVEL SERIES]


This past week, the MoVernie Crew went to Long Point Eco Adventures to experience glamping. Many of you were wondering if there are any activities to do during our stay.

Yes indeed! We sure did!

Although some of the activities were cancelled this season due to the pandemic (example: observatory stargazing, zip lining, private island boat tour), but there were still activities for their guests to book and pay to participate.

For example, we went for axe throwing in one of the mornings. We grabbed our complimentary breakfast at Marshview Patio Restaurant. Then, we walked over to the Welcome Centre to meet our axe throwing guide. Before we could axe throw, we had to sign a waiver acknowledging that we had agreed to abide all the regulations.

This was my 1st time participating in axe throwing. At first, I was a bit nervous as I wasn’t sure if it’s hard or easy to do axe throw. But with the guidance and training course from the friendly staff from Long Point Eco, it turns out to be so much fun!

As you can see from these photos, the staff was wearing a face mask and everyone was wearing face masks as well to maintaining physical distancing. Prior to the axe throw, the staff had disinfected the axes and other tools. Each group then could only use the assigned axes for their own group to avoid any possible cross-contaminations.

It turned out there was another group of guests who were also participating axe throwing at the same time as us. At first, each group did their own thing, practicing with their own group. But after a number of practice rounds, it was time for some entertaining actions. We had some friendly axe throwing competition with the other group.

With our talented team, we won every game. I think the most challenging part of the game was being able to aim the axe at the specific point area on the board in order to win the game. If we only need 1 point, we had to get the axe to land at the 1 point mark. We can’t land on 2 points or 3 points, the axe has to land on the exact point area which adds up to the total of 51 points.

But that’s what make it so fun though. During the competition, I learned to throw with 1 axe and I was also able to throw 2 axes at the same time. For me, I felt that axe throwing is all about rotation, techniques and having good body mechanics. Powerful throws doesn’t necessary mean the axe will stick to the wooden board. I think it’s more about the spin and the rotations.

If you never tried axe throwing, I highly recommend it. Of course, you have to be careful, be cautious and be responsible when axe throwing. Otherwise, it’s super fun!

MoVernie QUESTION: Have you ever tried Axe Throwing before?

Long Point Eco Adventures – St. Williams, Ontario, Canada
Address: 1730 Front Rd., St. Williams, ON. N0E1P0
Phone: 1-877-743-8687

Want to try axe throwing at Long Point Eco? Click here to learn more and book for your time slot.


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