Top Things To Do in Madoc, Ontario, Canada [ONTARIO TRAVEL SERIES]


Welcome to Madoc, Ontario, Canada, which is approximately about a 2-hour drive from Toronto to Ottawa or vice versa from Ottawa to Toronto, pretty much the mid-point of a road trip among both Toronto and Ottawa.. This town is often labelled as “The Township with the Heart of Gold” coz it’s once was a mining town and it is also located at the major intersection between Highway 7 & Highway 62. 

We were invited by Madoc & District Chamber of Commerce to check out what this town has to offer. The next time you are driving along the route, be sure to make a stop and check out Madoc, Ontario.

Top Things To Do in Madoc, Ontario, Canada:

O’Hara Mill Homestead and Conservation Area

This O’Hara Homestead and Conservation Area is definitely a local treasure in Madoc, Ontario. This place is a MUST VISIT and definitely a hidden gem. It has lots of natural open space, perfect for wedding pictures, family picnic and educational outing to learn more about this historic site.

The moment the wonderful people from Madoc Chamber of Commerce brought us here, we both said, “OMG! This is a hidden gem! How on earth we don’t know about this place????”.

Madoc Skatepark

One of the feature attractions in Madoc, Ontario is this massive Madoc Skatepark.

It’s located close to the Main Street and it is a concrete skatepark with a great street course and a bunch of good quarter pipes and launches.

Main Street Madoc

Main Street Madoc is such a treat to roam around, it has all the nice local businesses from checking out the Madoc Thrift Store, Hidden Goldmine Bakery to checking out some locally sourced and made products at the Mackenzie Mills Emporium.

It’s also nice to interact with the locals. If you talk to them, many of them in town has their unique stories to share. Also, they help one another. It’s this sense of support that makes such a community so strong.

Santa Claus Parade

One of the main reasons that we came to visit Madoc, Ontario was to cover its annual Santa Claus Parade that happens every November.

Madoc & District Chamber of Commerce, along with partners, B.I.T., Madoc Lions Club and The Kiwanis clubs invite the local residents every year to join them on a Saturday in November (this year was Saturday, November 27, 2021) to experience the special Santa Claus Drive-Thru event. This year’s theme is an Olde Fashion Christmas. Another year could be a different theme.

Heritage Day

Every July, Heritage Day happens at O’Hara Homestead & Conservation Area. Next year, it’s being held on Sunday, July 17, 2022. On Heritage Day, there will be lots of events & activities for guests to learn and experience.

Hidden Goldmine Bakery

Hidden Goldmine Bakery is located at the Main Street of Madoc, Ontario, Canada. It’s more than just a bakery serving good eats, it’s also is a store that sells all kinds of home decors and other household items. In the summer time, it has a nice patio at the back for people to enjoy a cup of coffee and its signature butter tarts. We tasted some of the best butter tarts made from Hidden Goldmine Bakery.

Make sure to make a stop the next time you are driving along Highway 7. What better way to relax and enjoy a cup of nice coffee and bakery such as the butter tarts?

7/62 Craft Brewers

We were super excited when we realized Madoc, Ontario has its own craft brewery called “7/62 Craft Brewers”.

Why do they called “7/62”? That’s coz Madoc, Ontario is the junction of Highway 7 & Highway 62. Simple as that but with great meaning.

If you are driving on the scenic route of Highway 7 or on your way back from Ottawa to Toronto, make sure to make a stop to taste a beer flight or buy some to bring back home to enjoy.

West Highland Golf Course

This is a 12-Hole Golf Course. If you feel 9 holes isn’t quite enough and 18 holes is too time consuming or expensive, then come and experience this 12-Hole West Highland Golf Course is for you and your entourage.

This press trip was provided by the Madoc & District Chamber of Commerce. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.



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